where do i begin?

02 Mar

Here, it appears. Why?

One, the obvious: CJ = clare janet, SEEKS = seekins.

Two, I like nicknames. I like the sense of familiarity they convey and I want to set the tone of this experience as one that is authentic, habitual, comfortable, and maybe even vulnerable.

Third, seeking is what I do. I am forever curious about what’s out there, what’s next, and what’s available. I am driven, innately, to pursue, explore and adventure (if that’s not a verb, it should be: “to adventure”.) I recently had the opportunity to participate in a pretty interesting exercise led by Human Insight – after gathering information on my learning and interaction styles from a variety of sources, I was given a ‘diagnosis’ in the context of the AEM cube, and a corresponding placement on an S-curve, as related to the my leadership abilities and ideal role in a team. It certainly stimulated some self-analysis, but the current relevance is this: what I remember most about my diagnostic report was the description as one with “the need for constant discovery.” It continues: “people with this profile like to stretch themselves in what we call a ‘zone of exploratory discomfort’; here there is a degree of risk and uncertainty which can be both frustrating and energizing. Nevertheless, their exploratory instinct is often so strong that they continue whatever the frustration”.

There you have it. Its official. I have a zone. Do you?

I’ll likely be offering my thoughts on grammar, general lexical annoyances, the critical and unbelievable straightforward path to social responsibility, the importance of community led efforts, the need for campaign finance reform, the role of passion in one’s life, and notes on my current adventures in Managua, Nicaragua. Stay tuned If you’re interested.

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