why entrepreneurship?

03 Mar

aka ‘entrepreneurship & what it means to me.’

A little about me: I am focused on learning how to leverage private sector knowledge and tools to identify and then enhance the sustainability and impact of socially and environmentally oriented investments. Right now, I am working to support entrepreneurs on the ground in developing countries, specially Nicaragaua – but more on that later.

The point of this rambling is: Why this strategy? Why entrepreneurship?

My path to supporting business, and specifically entrepreneurship, as a tool for development is no random accident. Instead, it’s the culmination of a series of (mostly deliberate) experiences have led me to support this specific strategy. Well, not the culmination, but the current culmination. Because, of course, the adventure continues.

Part of my “need for constant discovery” is a personal & implicit assumption that the current conditions are not the best possible existence with the given resources. This is just something that I have always accepted as true, partially because it stimulates my problem-solving mechanisms, which I enjoy. In short, I have never been motivated to protect the status quo.

I conceptualize entrepreneurship as the center of a venn diagram of some of my life experiences that I have found meaningful and strategies for engagement that I have found compelling. One is the principle of grassroots organizing. Another is the importance of empowerment, that is, engaging the community in question as the drivers of change. This is an immeasurable but important output of development work. The overlapping interests go on.

The (albeit hilarious) infographic (a generous description for a venn diagram, I know) that follows is my attempt to organize some of my personal motivation floating around in my head space, and understand their relations to each other – something I’ve been trying to do for awhile in my head, but had yet to attempt on paper. Also, this represents the first step on what I hope is a long journey to employ visual representations.

** includes the potential impact of the local private sector in developing parts of the world – not just as a critical path to economic development, but also, and not less importantly, as a channel for the extension of social values and the growth of political leaders, as well as a source of innovation.

More Entrepreneurship Talking Points:

Endeavor‘s research team, Endeavor Insight, just released a report on their studies of entrepreneurship in Argentina, and resulting ‘multiplier effect’ that has supported the creation of a burgeoning tech sector in Buenos Aires:

The Kauffman Foundation “The Kauffman Foundation is working to further understand the phenomenon of entrepreneurship, to advance entrepreneurship education and training efforts, to promote entrepreneurship-friendly policies, and to better facilitate the commercialization of new technologies by entrepreneurs and others, which have great promise for improving the economic welfare of our nation.”

You might have seen their PSA during Super Bowl 2012 (!)

And check this.

[venn diagram made with]

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