stats of the day, re: millennials

06 Mar

its been a busy one, so here are some other peoples words:

92% of millennials say in a survey that a company’s success should be measured by more than profit, and over 50% say they think businesses will have a greater impact than any other societal segment—including government—on solving the world’s biggest challenges. In a survey of more than 1,000 of its employees born after 1981, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu found that when respondents were asked to name three terms that encapsulate the purpose of business, 51% cited societal development and only 39% cited profit.


Data from the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) shows that the vast majority of college graduates want to amplify their commitment to good causes through their employer. According to the Deloitte Volunteer Impact Survey (PDF), Generation Ys who frequently participate in their company’s volunteer activities are more likely to be very proud to work for their company, feel very loyal, and are very satisfied with the progression of their careers. In fact, for many recent college graduates, a robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) mandate makes a crucial difference in where they choose to work, with 77% of respondents in a recent study (PDF) indicating that “a company’s commitment to social issues is important when I decide where to work.”


I’m into this because I believe this. I believe that we’re community-oriented, and wired to care about our fellow human beings, beyond our immediate family or whomever we interact with daily. I believe that once shown the ripple effects of our actions, we will care about them. (Not that uncovering something is enough to incentivize behavior change, but awareness is a start, as long as we care.) I think that in the majority of us, we have an inherent capacity to hold ourselves and each other accountable in the pursuit of a more just society. I know, a lofty line. But if I want to support the rise of a more aware, more conscious form of capitalism that pursues growth and profit while mindful of social realities and both long term and unintentional consequences  – which I do – then I have to believe this. So today I’m an optimist.

Also, I’m inspired by this part in particular: “over 50% say they think businesses will have a greater impact than any other societal segment—including government—on solving the world’s biggest challenges.” Ok then, lets make that happen.

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