Impact Investing in Action

24 Apr

Yes I know. I said I would write. I said I would call. I said so many things. And then I didn’t. But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t thinking of you. Thinking of phrasing and appropriate articulations. Mulling over thoughts that might be worth sharing. Alas, I relapsed into old blog habits. So here for a quickie to ease my absense, a work update:

One of my current projects in Nicaragua is helping plan this gathering – Impact Investing in Action.

One aim of the conference is to connect the 25 entrepreneurs of Village Capital’s Atlanta cohort & Agora’s Accelerator program to investment opportunities. All will pitch to potential investors, and use the conference as a space to develop these relationships.

Our other central interest is to propel and expand the early stage impact investing space. To this end, we’d like to provide a platform for prospective early stage impact investors to learn about the field from their more seasoned counterparts, and for all investors to have the opportunity to build relationships around co-investment.

We are hoping to develop a curriculum around this educational component, an interactive workshop or ‘bootcamp’, that we can run (& improve upon) as long as it remains relevant. In recent years, we’ve observed both a gap in impact investment education around early stage investments, as well as a growing market for these early stage impact investments – and therefore a growing need for this sort of orientation. Additionally, we’d like to continue to explore, and stay abreast of, innovative financing methods for early stage ventures. The ultimate goal is to be – and become known as – the place for early stage impact investing education and exploration.

Its going to be a fun gathering of some really progressive minds. Now I have to go in order to ensure the accuracy of that statement.

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