get to know the simulacrum

25 Apr

If you share any of my overlapping interests that I’ve mentioned previously on this blog (including advertising, market research, authenticity, ethnography, social impact businesses, entrepreneurship, etc), I think you might enjoy watching this short TEDx talk:


It brings together the notions of advertising and branding for a new generation that has intuition around authenticity, and touches on the design and research aspects of this field. As someone who is interested in using business as a tool for social impact, replace sustainability with ‘impact‘ (another exhausted word), and the sentiment remains true.

It also all relates back to the globalization/localization debate: if things are local, we can more easily guarantee this one to one ratio (watch video to get that one). Think about the fastest growing small size counties (“counties with between 100,000 to 150,000 residents that are ideally positioned to attract modern investment and managed economic growth.”) – shout out to Athens, GA at the #1 spot! Think about the effects of personal relationships (and the alienating effects of the computer) on activities like banking.

If authenticity is a driver of success in the business space, and in turn we are selfishly motivated to be more honest and aware community members, imagine where we could end up. Cool stuff.

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