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01 Jul

a while ago, I found this article that really expresses nicely the gap in both learning and practice that really intrigues me (and that i not-so-quietly want to help fill). This post continues the conversation, from a design perspective.

this noted, i have lots to learn in order to train my design mind. i’m going to work this summer, and as much as i can during my time at business school, to invest in my design capabilities and thinking (of all types! from service design, to graphic design, to interaction design. a note on interaction design: “it’s easy to see how this kind of holistic thinking can apply to sustainability initiatives. When the success of a strategy depends on a dramatic shift in individual or group behavior, good design, intuitive interfaces and effective communication can make or break public approval.” i tend to agree.)

if you have any sources for me, please share them in the comments section! or if you have a similar goal, lets collaborate and hold each other accountable?

i’m just creating the post, which i’ll continue to update, as a collection of resources:

do you have any to add? please do so in the comments!

Further Reading on Interaction Design:

Interaction Design is a practice combining various traditional design disciplines with socio-technological trends. It often leads to intuitive solutions for products, software and services. The process uses technology as a medium, however it does not only deal with technological offerings.

People have been interacting with each other and their environment since time immemorial. Therefore, interaction design can also be applied to the development of analogue solutions that connect or communicate information.

Closely related to Service Design, Strategic Design and Experience Design – Interaction Design places people at the centre of its processes. User research and user testing play a huge part throughout the ideation and concept generation process. Rapid and iterative prototyping is essential to validate ideas in order to develop them in to a final solution.

Interaction design is not so much about visual aesthetics but rather about the beauty in intangible experiences. Interaction Designers often strive to understand needs or desires within a specific context to provide a product or service of genuine value.

Interaction Designers often work in multi-disciplinary teams providing an important link where projects cross product areas. They need to be capable of managing and communicating projects to a wide range of people. Increasingly, interaction designers need to be able to understand business strategy, as well as commercial and environmental consequences. The discipline touches on all aspects of everyday life and therefore has significant impact on society and industry.


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