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if corporations are people, what am i?

More and more articles I read stress the importance of creating an online brand for your self. Of your self. And there are oh-so-many ways to express & represent your self. Pick your expression – or better yet, use all of them.

No doubt that in this day of instant communication, being able to quickly convey your powerful, convincing messages is, of course, a crucial skill. But how to convey your passions, knowledge, experience, and self just as quickly?

I, personally, enjoy the process of design and branding, and like the challenge of creating brands that articulate specific messages and invoke certain feelings instantaneously, without the reader/watcher realizing it. Not because I want to trick you in to thinking something is other than what it is (even though that might be inherent in each branding exercise, I’m not sure yet), but because I like a challenge, and I think its an interesting exercise is psychology, communication & human behavior.

But I just wanted to take a minute to say: wait, corporations are people, and I’m a brand?

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